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Where to Invest Money for Monthly Income

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Where to Invest Money for Monthly Income

Investing for income is becoming ever more difficult in an economic climate dogged by volatility, inflation and poor rates of interest, whilst at the same time it was recently reported that pensioners investment income is no better than in 1977. In such an environment many Investors are actively exploring alternative investments capable of delivering a stable monthly income to beat the paltry 3% offered by the vast majority of traditional deposit accounts in order to maintain their current standard of living.

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Investing Money for Monthly Income in 2013

There are all sorts of investment vehicles that generate income payments, from dividend paying stocks listed on the stock exchange, to fixed interest bonds and cash deposit accounts, but for the most part a higher rate taxpayers nee to generate at least 6% on his or her investments just to stand still when accounting for the value-eating effect of inflation, and many of these traditional income investment vehicles fail to deliver.

For those that require a monthly income from their investments other asset classes are proving much more popular. For example there has been a recent resurgence in buy to let property amongst retirees seeking to capture a regular income from their investments, and other alternative property assets such as hotel rooms or commercial storage pods are also becoming more prevalent as a component of investment portfolios.

But there are a number of risks to consider, not least the fact that property in general is an unregulated asset class, so investors must be more than certain of the capabilities, honesty and transparency of the property investment companies they choose to deal with. It is also worth considering looking further afield than the local area in which one might already live, as the best investment opportunities are often located elsewhere which can also add a further risk premium.

The best type of property investment that generates a stable secure monthly income tends to be the joint venture, where the investor provides capital and a property developer identifies , acquires and manages suitable properties. This marriage of capital and expertise often works out well as both parties have a vested interest in the success of the investment, and each party also retains a financial stake in the asset throughout the income generating rental phase.

There are a number of such opportunities available in a range of housing markets around the world, and investors are best advised to first seek out a competent professional partner capable of presenting them with suitable assets and opportunities that meet their goal both in terms of monthly income and also in terms of suitable risk management.

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David Garner

David is a Partner with leading UK based real estate investment consultancy DGC Asset Management Limited. Since 2001 David has advised Investors on a range of niche real estate acquisitions and developments in the agriculture and distressed asset space with a gross development value exceeding £100 million.

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FREE REPORT – Real Assets vs Equities Download our complimentary market analysis report here