DGC Asset Management is a UK-based project developer, consultancy and manager servicing private and institutional investors with opportunities to co-invest in production level agriculture and select distressed real estate transactions.

The company was formed to provide high net worth individuals, wealthy families and small institutions with exposure to high quality farming assets, developed and managed by a world leading team of experts. In the current low yield environment, investors are looking to improve returns while ensuring ample diversification across their portfolios. This dual focus, the quest for higher returns and true diversification makes alternative investments an attractive option for many.

DGC Asset Management propose an asset allocation framework with a mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques to address the challenges facing investors in the current climate. Our investment framework outlines the steps that can be used to decide on an appropriate allocation to alternatives and identifies the differences and similarities between asset classes and their potential impact on a broader portfolio. Our objective is to help investors assess the impact of alternative investments will have on their portfolio and decide whether, on a risk adjusted basis, they significantly assist investors in meeting their specific objectives.



Our research led approach means that we are committed to helping you to participate in real-asset focused investments with an attractive blend of risk and reward.


Institutional Investors

For Institutions & HNW Families we offer a bespoke project service, focused on building agri-businesses that suit your specific mandates and requirements.


Market Leading Research

Our research and reports have been quoted by numerous institutions, charities and NGO’s including Oxfam America & The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.


Plantation Tours

We take pride in our projects and we actively encourage our clients to take the time to visit the operations to witness the asset development stage and meet the local experts.

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