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DGC Asset Management Limited ("DGC") is a UK-based consultancy developing opportunities for qualifying investors to participate in real estate investments based on the identification, acquisition, development and operation of productive agricultural property and distressed real estate.

The Management Team at DGC adds significant value to the investing process; offering Investors and Financial Advisors a high degree of competency in all four core determinants of total return in 'real-asset' investing:

Finding value - Strategic asset/project identification and pre-investment due diligence
Capturing value - Developing an effective asset management strategy
Enhancing value - Asset improvements and operational infrastructure
Realising value - Planning and facilitating the investment exit

DGC aims to identify physical assets that retain capital value and generate income, and where physical improvements and/or the installation and development of operational infrastructure adds further upstream value.

The company has been involved in the acquisition and development of agricultural properties and distressed asset residential real estate since 2007, and has delivered a number of successful exits across multiple sectors and jurisdictions.

Investment opportunities offered via DGC Asset Management are normally available only to existing Clients, qualifying Investors, or via regulated financial Advisors.